I offer counselling support via face to face, telephone, Skype, Zoom and/or walking & talking outdoor sessions. I want to assure you, all these methods would uphold confidentiality.

I am working with the support of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) to ensure I can still offer you the best support I can.

If you wish to discuss anything, have questions, or book an initial assessment, or session, please use the booking form below.



To help with this process of seeking counselling I have further information and more details about the options and what to do next...

Although a lot of detail on my website illustrates my use of various items with children please may I note that I do offer a safe simple space for adults and teens.


All our journeys will be different, as we are all travelling along our own paths. We will all understand and see things differently through different lenses.


My approach to counselling is integrative. My work with you will be to suit your needs and what your comfortable with.


In my integrative counselling I can offer;

  • Humanistic (persons-centred) therapy, where you can share what ever it is you would like. Your story is unique to you and you decide what to share and explore together in the session.

  • I can offer elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This can be more focused based and with the use of talking but with more direction in the session.

  • I can also offer to anyone play therapy involving also use of sand tray therapy and other creative materials like clay, play-doh and paints. Sensory materials can offer a calming effect for anyone of all ages. Sometimes the path we are on is difficult to express in words and using other creative ideas can help non-verbal exploration. Some of you may often find identifying emotions or describing situations difficult so these ideas can also offer freedom of expression. Children benefit hugely from this approach to therapy as they don't always have the cognitive development to label emotions clearly or reasons for them.

  • For some adolescents maybe the use of drawing or more teen talk games would sound more interesting. 

  • For families I can offer a systemic approach to explore any presenting issues which may help to build communications and form stronger relationships between you.

All these are offered but only if you wish them to be. This will be your space to share explore and gain understanding to what ever you wish to bring to counselling. 

I work within the BACP  - British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy ethical framework to ensure I am working ethically with all my clients and bound by their ethical values and principles.

I also adhere to the Data Protection Act and therefore all information following you making contact with me via email is deleted and relevant personal information is kept completely confidential.

I am insured as a qualified counsellor with adults, adolescents, families and children.

I have worked as a counsellor for over 7 years and currently walking towards my PhD in clinical Psychology.

I am able to offer a unique warm, confidential space. This space is suitable for individual's, families, adolescents and children, with access to toilet and sink facilities. The space is also wheelchair accessible.

If this is still sounding positive to you then the next suggested steps would be;


  • Step one....

The relationship between myself and my client/s is fundamental to the therapeutic work. Trust is important and at times needs to be established. To see how you feel in communication with me or you feel you wish know more please contact me on any of the details above or below. By telephone, email or text which ever you may prefer.

  • Step Two.........

We can arrange an assessment either on the telephone or Skype/Zoom. This can be of more benefit as it can allow you to become more familiar with myself and (when possible) with the therapeutic space we will use and see if your comfortable. This is with no further obligation to continue. It is approx 15-20 minutes long for initial assessment by telephone or online.

  • Step Three.........

If you feel you would like to continue we can arrange further sessions at a cost of 45.00 for 50 minute sessions. These sessions can be either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. I am happy to work along side what you feel best.

Concessions can be considered.

Here is some further information for counselling children under 12.

As we are all facing unfamiliar times and appreciate that for younger clients and families counselling sessions can be challenging online. 

To both new and current clients and families who has sessions via Skype, or Zoom - I send out a fun age-appropriate counselling sessions pack. These packs include a variety of ideas to help engagement and offer an emotional outlet. These packs are designed individuality to suit each client(s) interests and needs. There is no extra cost for this.

Counselling offers your child the opportunity to talk through or express through play and creation whatever may be going on for them in a safe confidential space. As a parent/carer this may feel upsetting as you would wish for them to talk to you. Throughout counselling I support and encourage to build positive relationships around them.

  • If your child is under 12 years of age you may wish to have regular reviews throughout your child's counselling. These reviews can be discussed and arranged as and when required. This is a good opportunity for parents/carers to share their concerns with me more privately, share information and supportive ideas. We can share feedback on progress and developments from home and within sessions.

  • The initial assessment offers parents/carers the opportunity to talk about what has been happening for both child and others in the family. These initial assessments are free of charge for up to 20 minutes. This will allow you all time to see how you feel and ask any questions you my have.This is usually via telephone.

  • I can offer family sessions or group sessions involving fun ideas to enhance communication and understanding in each other. I hope this will help towards building the life skills for all to develop more open communication with each and acceptance.

  • Please note due to confidentiality children, and young people have to agree to consent to any information shared within sessions with others.

  • I will do my best to offer sessions around a busy family life.


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