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Animals & Therapy


    Lola-May                        Reggie                             Ying                      Dougal           

Girl with Dogs

Animal-assisted therapy is still undergoing research but the results already show that animals are good for our well-being. 

Animals including dogs, rabbits, horses and others are already involved in the world of psychology. They have great understanding towards emotions as they are similar to our own..

Its also been shown that animals can offer relaxation, calmness and help with anxiety. Some children have shared that stroking their fur and feeling them near helps them to feel less intense and worried.

I would like to introduce you to.......

Dougal, a Giant French Lop bunny. He is a big goofy fluff ball and loves sleeping. Dougal is very funny and does silly things, and is often very clumsy too. Dougal loves his foos and has become best friends with Ying. Dougal seems to believe he is a dog and even wants to join Ying on her walks. Dougal weighs over 6kg so he doesnt travel often because hes heavy but can visit on occassions.



Due to Harry's health both Pumpkin and Harry have now retired and living together happily eating lots and enjoying retired life. During their time they had shown and validated that animals can offer unconditional emotional support to a diverse range of people.

Ying is a 8 year old Pug. She unfortunately has had a tough start in life and after lots of operations she simply enjoys sitting for strokes and ... well... sleeping! Her best hobby is to eat and sleep, but can still make others smile with her snoring (which can be loud as many know).

Lola-May is a Dwarf rabbit and is almost 1 year old. She is a sassy tiny bunny who loves giving lots of kisses. As with many bunnies they don't like to be held but she loves strokes, treats and always ready for an adventure. Lola-May has traveled a lot to many places but now stays home more with her husbun Reggie.

Reggie joined the team a few months ago, and is still going through a few things before being introduced to others. Reggie is a very nosy boy and wants to know what your doing, where your going and if you have a treat. Reggie is very mischievous and gets himself into all sorts of places he shouldn't. Lola-May and Reggie spend a lot of time snuggling up and watching TV.  Although hes not travelling with Lola-May yet we hope this will be possible following more training. 

All my bunnies and Ying live with me and are surrounded with children who are Autistic and love their company.


If for any reason those who don't feel comfortable with their presence don't worry......they do enjoy days off to rest their paws let me know in advance.

I wish to also make a special mention about Pumpkin and Harry, who I have kept their pictures on here for many who requested it. Pumpkin worked as a therapy bunny for 4 years, bringing smiles and joy to many all over the country. Pumpkin retired to live with Harry who I rescued and they became very much in love. Sadly Harry passed away after a long illness and soon Pumpkin sadly lost the use of her rear legs. Although she continued to live a fulfilled life with best friend Clyde sadly she passed away after becoming unwell. They will forever remain a part of the team. Pumpkin taught me so much about mini lop rabbits and training in emotional support therapy bunnies. 

Please stay updated with regular updates that will be frequently added to the page.

If you have any questions please do email or message me and I will be happy to help anyway I can...

Thank you, from us  :)

Happy Bunnies
Girls Feeding Pony B&W
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