And still going......

Hi All,

Been a few weeks since my last blog. I am wondering how everyone everywhere is doing. Its certainly been an experience - one I never thought I would live through! Watching the Italians singing and dancing from their balconies, the sound of people cheering, clapping, banging pots and pans filling the air every week for the amazing key workers, to the PM's announcements of the huge saddened loss of others. One minute I'm feeling okay, another minute I'm frustrated as I can't fulfill any plans, to excited that I don't have the responsibility I had. I'm like a mess of emotions, and I cant be the only one - can I?. My children are actually asking to go back to school.... who ever thought those words would flow so eagerly from their mouths.

I love my home and fully appreciate the security and family I have - and even the technology we have to communicate these days beyond writing letters. However, my home is the perfect way to start and end my day but I do like variety in between - and I miss that!

We are making history - and in years to come others will read about the effects of the Coronavirus. I have been making a scrap book with my children. I think if anything positive can come from this I hope to offer this to them during times when they wished to see friends, have the freedom we now see we have taken for granted and the importance of family. They may wish now - but these wishes will actually come true when society returns to 'normal' patterns of living.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well and if feeling lonely pick up the phone - talk, share and know your not alone.

Lets see how this journey continues........................................ Take Care Everyone