• Minecraft was launched in 2011 and is one of the world’s most popular computer games with over 2.3 million users.

  • Minecraft is a simplistic computer game of squares where you can mine materials and build whatever you can think of; houses, cities, boats.

  • You share the world with a number of animals and creatures with a choice of different worlds.

  • Although optional you can play it on your own or with other people.

  • In survival mode you need to work to find materials to build a safe home to protect you at night from creatures like zombies and skeletons and you need to make sure you have food to stay alive.

  • In creative mode you can’t die, and you can fly! And in creative mode you already have all the materials in your inventory that you need to build whatever you want.



  • Minecraft can be a positive social environment where children and young people can learn social and emotional skills.

  • Minecraft is like Lego or like sand-tray play where the play may involve deciding on characters to use, building the space the character will be in and what might challenge that character during play. These are still used in the space as a creative resource as well as Minecraft in the therapy room.

  • Minecraft offers the same therapeutic benefits as traditional counselling resources, and a form of play which still allows communication exploration and problem solving skills. Using play in many forms is a response to our unconscious and even when playing Minecraft allowing self expression in a non direct way. Lots of research has shown this has been beneficial to some children who suffer with social anxiety or those who my find direct communication like those with ASD challenging.

  • With the option of Minecraft sessions online your child can have counselling in the comfort of their own home in a familiar environment.

  • As we play, I will learn about how your child responds to different situations, how they problem solve, how they collaborate, how they react to challenging situations, and we can find ways together to overcome hurdles in the game. 

  • I can find gentle ways for those skills your child has developed in the game to be used by them in real life and explore emotions and coping strategies. 


                  WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE?

  • We will use Zoom to talk with each other whilst we play Minecraft. Or where possible I will send a link where we can play in the same world togther. Or face-to-face together in the counselling room.

  • Your child will have their own unique world which is theirs to do whatever they want to do in it during their therapy sessions. We might build together, farm, go on an adventure, go swimming, find hidden caves… the opportunities are endless.  

  • On occasions I will use certain worlds build with specific tasks within them if/when required to focus on particular social/emotion elements using Minecraft Education Edition.   

  • Because we will not be plying with other users online confidentiality will be uphed throughout.   

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